Sandbox Clone Script - To Build Your Metaverse Game Platform

Sandbox Clone Script is an Ethereum-based video game NFT Game Clone script that lets your users own a piece of the digital world in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT)’s. Get a White label Sandbox Clone Script and Software. Get a demo for the Sandbox Clone app.

Sandbox Clone Script


A sandbox clone script is an NFT gaming clone script that is used to develop and build a virtual NFT gaming marketplace like a sandbox. Now anyone can launch their own metaverse NFT Gaming Marketplace like Sandbox Metaverse. The sandbox allows you to play, create and own a virtual metaverse game. Sandbox clone script is a decentralized NFT metaverse script developed with advanced features and gaming attributes in the sandbox.

Features of Sandbox


  1. Innovative techniques are used 
  2. Tools are used to generate like avatars and NFT
  3. Right to make decisions and  vote 
  4. Creator's copyrights are protected

Sandbox clone script benefits


⦁ Games which are created in  Sandbox Metaverse are convertible to NFTs. 

⦁ With the support of powerful tools, gameplay options are limitless.

⦁ Gaming features are offered by providing adjustments like screen resolutions, camera sensitivity control sound on/off control, etc. 


Metaverse game:


Metaverse means shared, president, digital space for meetings, games, and socializing with others. here people are represented as avatars,cartoon-like 3-D figures, and virtual room spaces.


How to start a metaverse game like Sandbox?


There are 4 steps involved in starting a metaverse game

  1. Select a metaverse platform
  2. Create a metaspace
  3. Create an interaction layer
  4. Create an interoperability layer, now go deeper and understand what are need to be done in each step.

Why Choose Osiz For Sandbox Clone Script? 


Now Osiz is a leading metaverse game development company they are offering top-notch client service. they are providing  Bug fixing, Digital marketing, Software updates, maintenance, and third-party API integration, they have developed rich features, advanced gaming attributes, and functionalities as a widespread metaverse. Osiz provides metaverse NFT gaming services from all horizons with sandbox clone software for creating  NFT virtual games like real-world which is similar to the sandbox.   

some  services of Osiz are:


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