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This year, Halloween falls on a weekend-a spooky dream come true for people who love the holiday, but an issue if you are trying to wear-test a freaky costume a week in advance. After a manic Golden Goose Sneakers texting spree trying to find a cool, chill Halloween party to hit up in my wild costume, GQ writer Rachel Tashjian recommended that I simply walk around the East Village in the costume.

The damp footprint left behind will help establish whether you are a neutral runner or over or under pronator. The espadrille, however, is my heel-hack-as a proper, Spanish-made espadrille is technically a heel but it's also comfortable really and truly.

The science of gemology also proved fascinating. Growing up, I saw diamonds as a thing of beauty, but once you learn the science behind them and the way that nature can create something with so magnificent, it adds another level, says Golden Goose Shoes Sale West, who quickly discovered that some of the widely accepted diamond facts were far from true.

Sneakers have affirmed their place in high fashion, but even if you're the type to track the latest drops, finding a pair that's in style for more Golden Goose Sale than five minutes can be frustrating. Schutz's Napa Tennis White, in leather and suede, manages to be of the moment, yet timeless.

The spring 2022 season isn't over yet. Lagos Fashion Week is happening now in the Nigerian capital, with emerging and established designers on the calendar. You might be familiar with some of the city's bigger names, like Kenneth Ize, who shows his collections in Lagos and Paris, or Lisa Folawiyo, whose bold printed dresses are worn by stylish women around the world, but we're looking forward to seeing work by the new guard, too. Stephen Tayo is on the ground to shoot the best street style looks in between the shows. Scroll through his latest photos below, and come back for our daily updates.


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