Making business accounting for smaller companies easier with Enkash

Making business accounting for smaller companies easier with Enkash

The financial aspect is an important department that requires expertise and constant watch. While
accountants and bookkeepers are the most common solution to safeguard all the relevant cash flow
information, they are expensive and not foolproof solutions. Hence the need for an Business Accounting
software for small business.

The smarter digital alternative is not only free of any human calculative errors but has an inbuilt system
of tracking every transaction and cash flow. Combined with an easy and quick payment system for
accounts receivable and account payable, it is a seamless process that requires no additional manual
handling. Raising the invoice requires multiple inputs, from calculations to costs and customer criteria.
Manually, these take a long time. With automatic transactions, time and effort can be saved greatly
while minimizing invoice error completely.

The second most crucial advantage of automated business accounting is double-layered security.
Traditional accounting through a ledger system can be lost, stolen, or fall into the wrong hands. Digital
accounting stores all the relevant data in a secured cloud-based system that cannot be accessed or
breached without permission. The centralized system is foolproof.

The third crucial advantage of Automated Business Accounting is the complete transparency in
operations. The electronic documentation maintains a detailed digital footprint of the cash flow going
into the Financial system. The real-time details of the contact point and sources are all automatically fed
into the data storage. It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere through the appropriate

The detailed cash flow structure allows the business development team to analyze and create strategic
planning to help direct the flow of funds based on the expenditures and returns generated. Automation
of business accounting will be the next big thing of the future. The sooner it is incorporated into the
operations of smaller businesses, the clearer and better their financial standing will be.


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