Path of Exile New Expansion - Build Your Endgame

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Path of Exile features a lengthy main storyline and a sprawling Atlas Of Worlds endgame involving mass killings and an interdimensional hunt for loot and glory. Players' pursuit of POE Exalted Orbs will only get crazier, because they will face greater challenges.

The Path of Exile World Atlas is a multi-dimensional bond where all things can and will happen. Each expansion has its own storyline and tons of new content. The Siege of Atlas is the fourth and one of the biggest mechanical overhauls.

One of the highlights of Path of Exile is its quarterly Challenge League. Every three months, a new side story or game modifier is added to the set to help refresh the experience of completing the main story for new characters. A major focus of this expansion is to let you create your own endgame experience by letting you pick past league content and mix it into Atlas as you go along.

Atlas has been a more active place, going through several story arcs, each introducing a new extradimensional villain to beat and pillage. Siege of Atlas introduces two more, each to devour all existence.

Rather than lurking in specific locations, you can choose which of two new villains to hunt down on each Atlas journey. Their influence increases with each hunt, culminating in their respective boss fights. Atlas got a little too complicated in previous expansions, unlocking new areas after collecting Watchstones and plugging them into Atlas itself.

The progression is now easier and the form is freer, each of the four current 'Peak' bosses drops Void Stones, which you can use to level up everything in Atlas, or if you want to easily A little, please disable.

Every map on Atlas has a bonus objective, and completing it earns a point that can be used to buy the huge skill grid of Atlas modifiers. It doesn't change your character, it modifies what the entire atlas encounters. Like Legion Wars? Choose from upgrades that increase the chances of Legion content appearing anywhere in your Atlas, as well as some perks that improve the quality of the loot you get from it.

There are only so many points and tons of potential unlocks, so every player should have their personalized endgame with their favorite monsters and loot scattered across each environment type. The increased difficulty of the game also means more loot.

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