Never was able to comprehend OSRS player's obsession with MTX
Never was able to comprehend OSRS player's obsession with MTX Apr 06

Never was able to comprehend OSRS player's obsession with MTX

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I've never understood OSRS gamer's fascination with MTX. There are many reasons to grind on this site, including high kc on bosses or clues. titles, collection logs, pets, money. Experimentation is nothing more than an obstacle in the way of getting these things, and that is pretty true of OSRS too. The 30k XP that you receive from your daily keys is not much when you're earning 500k+/hour.

they give away lots of free XP to get people like you to take a chance instead of dying to giant mole and quitting because it's just too complicated. Do you really think that the option to purchase XP at the price of 1 million XP plus an hour of your time is the reason anyone doesn't take part in the game?

Every bank standing skill requires TH exclusive portables to perform effectively. I used them only for two tasks and failed to place one. They're also about 4k each. But at the end of each day Oldschool or any other pre-eoc/mtx version of RS is going to be much more popular since it's individual and has greater credibility in skilling and achievements in games that's part of what makes Runescape fantastic, the satisfaction of achieving that 99 you've been aiming for.

You act like this is something anyone in OSRS takes seriously. or something that OSRS even has. I topped out in OSRS during 2014, and if you look at the two, it's both day and night. racing NATS 25k/hr to earn money. multilogging was a bannable offense. Slayer's maximum speed was 30k/hr. Smithing was essentially superheating gold 100k/hr now you got blast furnaces that were 3-4 times as efficient. Mining was 2g2s in nature and was only viable on two different worlds since the respawn time of ore was determined by the player count, therefore everyone had to compete in those two worlds. Even then it was only 60k/hr. You used to need to buy things like bones 100 per hour by trading players in-game. now you just put in an offer for 40k bones or whatever.

The point is the game is always going to improve and if you want any new content to be of value, it needs to serve a purpose. if it is worse than existing content , it'll be dead on release like half the OSRS updates. If you don't see the difference between adding new methods of training or Treasure Hunter then IDK what you should say.

With the oddities being able to purchase stars also it was getting to the point that, with my daily keys and occasional twitch prime promotions I was getting an unlimited amount of double XP in whatever area I wanted to work on. Are you planning to train for 120 arches? Dump my daily keys and stars in that and I wouldn't be able to do it in time enough.

It's completely unplayable and totally negates the point of mastering a skill. You feel no achievement. I agree that RS3 Is more about bossing/log completion . If you stopped there, I'd not have an issue with what else you said.

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