We play the OSRS game because we like it
We play the OSRS game because we like it Apr 06

We play the OSRS game because we like it

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Personally, for me The loyalty programs were the most significant attraction,

it helped set the way for the game and I wasn't a fan at all. In reality,

there was an earlier skin promotion where you had to buy membership in a

specific way to get it which was the first time I was exposed to the FOMO kind

of content within RS. It's possible that I could have been content with EOC if

it wasn't for the many cheap FOMO occasions and the RWT which were available

at during the same time. I love how old school methods handle this, where you

get all the holiday items of each year after you have completed the holiday

events. The difference is that unlike night and day, no person is pushing you

to play. We simply play simply because we enjoy it.

See for me EoC was the #1 reason. It changed Runescape rather than RuneScape

to me (in regards to combat-related stuff; PvM, PvP, Minigames Slayer as

well). But MTX and Loyalty rewards that rewarded players for spending money or

just for being a member for a long time isn't what I love about the game. I'd

like to see everyone playing on the same playing field. As you said, with

loyalty program cosmetics, I dislike the idea of them being gone for the rest

of time. Similar to Leagues rewards being a once-in-a-lifetime item. However,

in OSRS Jagex, they're fair enough to claim "We are aware that you missed out

when you were in league 1, but you are able to purchase these rewards with

points earned from leagues 2 and 3". Limited time only offers are not allowed

within OSRS IMO (even with seasonal items, each year you can unlock previous

rewards and this is the most effective method).

No flame but that's lots of effort into a piece of writing that's not going to

change anybody's opinion due to the fact that our opinions about what's good

or bad were formed 10 years ago. I am a fan of the game as it is and could

happily play it without updates for the duration of my life (would prefer that

thralls are removed) but some people need updates to keep their interest and

the opinions of those who play it aren't going to be in harmony.

Sure, people don't always change their minds about things however the purpose

of my article was to show that an opinion from the OP isn't the same as that

of everyone else.

Additionally, certain aspects are not liked in RS3 that are acceptable in OSRS

If done the right way. Look at GWD, Shooting Stars, Priff, and even Nex. Many

of them are direct copies of RS3 (like GWD) and others are slightly changed

(shooting star rewards/XP rates Priff is not as the "hub" of the elite

community, and Nex is only dropping torva, and it being nerfed to fit OSRS BIS

stats, and not to be overwhelming).

I believe Summoning Dungeoneering, summoning, and a host of other items in RS3

could be okay in OSRS similar to the ones listed above, as long as they're

altered to work in our game. There are some things that do not have being

added... There are so many different ideas that aren't in RS3 that we could

invent also. I'm willing to accept anything as you think it through correctly,

discussed in depth, and voted upon by the majority of players. This makes sure

it's fit for the game.

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